Dear Knit­ter,

Are you frus­trated with your recent efforts to learn advanced knit­ting techniques?

Are you los­ing patience down­load­ing all those instruc­tional videos found online?

Do you spend hours knit­ting one sock only to find out you’ve done some­thing
hor­ri­bly wrong?

If you have said “yes” to even one of those ques­tions, then you are not alone. As a

fel­low knit­ter, I also had those ter­ri­ble night­mares for months…

Tiny Arrow GraphicWast­ing your valu­able time search­ing for answers to your ques­tions on Rav­elry, on the Inter­net, or on YouTube, and still haven’t solved your problem?

Tiny Arrow GraphicTry­ing to find help on YouTube, but the videos go too fast, are blurry, or don’t show you what you need to see?

Tiny Arrow GraphicFeel­ing ripped-off, pay­ing huge sums of money for a ton of classes and books yet you still can’t fig­ure out how to knit socks properly?

Tiny Arrow GraphicPain in your hands and fin­gers because of the way you were knitting?

Tiny Arrow GraphicFrus­tra­tion try­ing to cre­ate that per­fect sweater but don’t know how to start?

This is often the case because most of the the instruc­tions are too confusing…

…or there are no illus­tra­tions to demon­strate the steps properly.

Many attempt very com­plex projects but give up as they really don’t under­stand the
ter­mi­nolo­gies or abbre­vi­a­tions used in knit­ting patterns…

…let alone know the cor­rect techniques!!!

Worse still there is no one around to ask for help.

Wouldn’t it be great if some­one took all that infor­ma­tion you need and put it
some­where you can eas­ily access?

Photo of Liat Gat, Knitting Superstar! Hi! My name is Liat Gat, and my mis­sion in life is to help you become a Knit­ting
Super­star by pro­vid­ing you with the best video knit­ting instruc­tion in the

I have more than ten years of expe­ri­ence knit­ting and teach­ing knit­ters like you
how to knit faster, more eas­ily, and more confidently.

I’m a mem­ber of the Knit­ting Guild Asso­ci­a­tion and the Inter­na­tional Coach
Fed­er­a­tion, and my pas­sion and secret to teach­ing suc­cess is being there for YOU,
to guide you and encour­age you every step of the way.

I cre­ated KNIT­Free­dom to bring my most pop­u­lar knit­ting classes to the
world, giv­ing every­one a “front-row seat,” so that any­one could expe­ri­ence
the amaz­ing changes that my local knit­ting stu­dents were so excited about.

Along the way, I real­ized that clear, high-quality, slow, and thor­ough Inter­net
knit­ting videos were almost impos­si­ble to find, and that knit­ters like you were so
frus­trated try­ing to find the resources they needed. So I made them!

I’m not going to promise that I can make you an amaz­ing knit­ter overnight.
How­ever, with a pos­i­tive atti­tude, will­ing­ness to try new things, and the courage
to ask for help, my video knit­ting instruc­tion will DRASTICALLY improve your

The more you prac­tice along with me, the more your brain will assim­i­late these
skills, until you are able to knit things you never imag­ined pos­si­ble, while
watch­ing a movie, car­ry­ing on a con­ver­sa­tion, and mak­ing new friends in your
knit­ting circle!

I’ve writ­ten and filmed a pretty ground-breaking knit­ting course, “Become a
Knit­ting Super­star” – The Ulti­mate Video Knit­ting Course.

So before I go any fur­ther, I want to do some­thing risky and tell you that you don’t
have to actu­ally buy this course to increase your knit­ting skill and confidence.

There are hun­dreds of free videos avail­able, as well as dis­cus­sion top­ics in the
KNIT­Free­dom Forum, blog posts at least twice a week, and free pat­terns avail­able
to newslet­ter subscribers.

You could use any of these resources and improve your knit­ting right away, and
you have a right to do that!

The most impor­tant thing to me is that you get the infor­ma­tion you need to start
enjoy­ing tak­ing risks and explor­ing new knit­ting challenges.

But, if you keep read­ing, you’ll have a chance to get three very impor­tant resources
that could sky­rocket your knit­ting improvement.

Tiny check mark graphicFeel very com­fort­able read­ing knit­ting pat­terns and abbre­vi­a­tions, and be aware of the dan­gers you need to watch out for.

Tiny check mark graphicPrac­tice cor­rectly per­form­ing the many inter­me­di­ate knit­ting stitches, such as SSK, S2KP, YO, Ptbl, and many more…

Tiny check mark graphicKnow how to choose the right yarn so that your project comes out the way you imagined.

Tiny check mark graphicIden­tify which knit­ting prod­ucts will make your life eas­ier, and where to buy them with­out spend­ing a ton of money

Tiny check mark graphicLearn how to knit in the round, so you can eas­ily make mit­tens, hats,
gloves, socks, and sweaters

Tiny check mark graphicPrac­tice com­mon inter­me­di­ate tech­niques like pick­ing up and knit­ting
stitches, knit­ting two tubes at a time (2-at-a-time), cre­at­ing gus­sets, and seam­ing                with Kitch­ener stitch

Tiny check mark graphicHave dif­fer­ent cast-on and bind-off tech­niques in your reper­toire so you
can amaze your friends with your knit­ting prowess.

Tiny check mark graphicBe com­fort­able sub­sti­tut­ing yarns and adjust­ing the sizes of your patterns.

Tiny check mark graphicRead your work and keep track of where you are with­out writ­ing any­thing down and a whole lot more!

Feels great right? Imag­ine being able to do all that and more!

The only knit­ting course you will ever need…ever! Con­sists of nine video-book
mod­ules, each one build­ing on the skills you learned in the pre­vi­ous sec­tion. You
don’t have to do this course all the way through right away – every knit­ting project
that you try on your own will improve, even if you’ve only read the first chapter!

Tiny Diamond Graphic100s Of High Qual­ity Videos – No more blurry, out of focus videos
offer­ing crappy advice. You get pro­fes­sion­ally cre­ated videos set on black
           back­ground so you can fol­low the action when it hap­pens on screen.

Tiny Diamond GraphicGet Front Row Seats to the most com­pre­hen­sive video knit­ting course ever created.

Tiny Diamond Graphic Learn At Your Own Pace – No mat­ter what your skill level is, you can pick up bits and pieces you can apply right away to your cur­rent projects.

Tiny Diamond GraphicNo More Down­load­ing Giga­bytes Of Data – All you need to down­load is one e-book, all videos are embed­ded and streamed directly to your pc as you watch.

Tiny Diamond GraphicAccess To The KNIT­Free­dom Forum – Share sto­ries and get help from peo­ple who are as pas­sion­ate about knit­ting as you.

Tiny Diamond GraphicGet Per­sonal Encour­age­ment and Guid­ance every step of the way.

Tiny Diamond Graphic Be Able To Con­tact Your Teacher any time, day or night, when you are stuck so you can con­tinue your project with expert help.

Tiny Diamond GraphicBe A Knit­ting Super­star…

Your hands are con­fi­dent, your knit­ting looks pol­ished and pro­fes­sional, and you are knit­ting faster than ever before.

Every­one in your won­der­ful knit­ting group is aston­ished at your rapid improve­ment, and thank­ful for all the help you’ve been giv­ing them in fix­ing their mis­takes!

You walk into your yarn store, and see a sam­ple project that you’ve just GOT to make.

You skim the pat­tern, mak­ing sure it is well-written and includes the key ingre­di­ents you need to know.

You select the per­fect yarn for your skin color, your body shape, AND your bud­get and head home for a glo­ri­ous, relax­ing, and per­haps chal­leng­ing evening of knit­ting.

EVEN if you’ve never made this type of gar­ment before, you have the con­fi­dence to knit it, because you’ve got all the skills and resources you need at your fin­ger­tips.

In as lit­tle as a few weeks to two months you’ll be doing the SAME things with
com­plete confidence.

Tiny Bullet GraphicA 157-page detailed video PDF doc­u­ment, with more than 100 high-resolution knit­ting videos incor­po­rated directly into the lessons

Tiny Bullet GraphicA step-by-step les­son for each project, with videos for each tech­nique and section

Tiny Bullet GraphicSeven basic sock pat­terns for dif­fer­ent weights of yarn

Tiny Bullet GraphicIllus­trated dia­grams and hand­outs of the tech­niques — Eas­ily print out indi­vid­ual mod­ules and take with them with you anywhere

Tiny Bullet GraphicEnthu­si­as­tic sup­port from a com­mu­nity of knit­ters ded­i­cated to help­ing each other achieve Knit­ting Superstardom

Tiny Bullet GraphicAn incred­i­ble resource that you can refer back to again and again

Tiny Bullet GraphicEas­ily view your course through any device con­nected through the internet

What it takes to be a Knit­ting Superstar

  • Why the right atti­tude is more impor­tant than how long you’ve been knitting
  • How improv­ing your knit­ting skills the “Super­star” way can improve the rest of your life

How to con­fi­dently read and under­stand a knit­ting pattern

  • Under­stand­ing the pat­tern from the designer’s point of view
  • The three choices you can make to ensure your projects’ success
  • Crack­ing the code: abbre­vi­a­tions and strange words
  • You’ll actu­ally have a video knit­ting dic­tio­nary acces­si­ble at your com­puter any­time you need to

How To Do Magic Loop – The genius of knit­ting in the round on one cir­cu­lar needle

  • No more double-pointed needles!
  • No more laddering
  • No more buy­ing too many needles
  • How to adapt any pat­tern writ­ten in-the-round to Magic Loop
  • Open­ing the door to knit­ting two-at-a-time

How To Cre­ate Toe-up Socks

  • Judy’s Magic Cast-On
  • The no-holes Flee­gle Heel
  • How to knit backwards
  • The Invis­i­ble Ribbed Bind-Off
  • How to knit two Socks at a Time
  • How to keep your yarn from tangling
  • How to cre­ate your own toe-up sock patterns

How To Cre­ate Top-Down Socks

  • Heel flaps
  • Gus­sets
  • Pick­ing up stitches
  • Kitch­ener Stitch
  • Liat’s Lim­it­less Cast-On
  • How to knit two socks at a time
  • How to add lace and cable stitches into your patterns

And on top of that you will all have exclu­sive access to…


Videos of the cor­rect tech­niques that make any project AMAZING!

  • Select­ing the right yarn
  • Mea­sur­ing your gauge (read: make your knit­ting fit perfectly)
  • Cor­rect ten­sion and hand positioning
  • Cor­rect increases and decreases
  • Pick­ing up dropped stitches
  • Rec­og­niz­ing and fix­ing mistakes
  • The best way to mea­sure your knit­ting and count rows and stitches
  • The magic of blocking

I know what you’re thinking…

My videos are always high-quality – super close-up, super-sharp, and well–
lit. You get the exact same view that I do – which ensures that you’re see­ing
every­thing that needs to be seen.

You can just pre­tend I’m sit­ting right next to you, explain­ing how to do
every­thing – I never rush, and some­times I make mis­takes – just like in real life!

…Yeah this is amaz­ing, but I bet all these will cost me a lot of money; I just
want to learn knit­ting with­out spend­ing my entire life savings!

Fear not…You can own…

Add Knitting Superstar! to Cart Button

But wait…Act Now and you can have this amaz­ing course for
only $77, that’s a $100 price cut…

Plus! You’ll receive these amaz­ing bonuses…

BONUS #1: Mas­ter Con­ti­nen­tal Knit­ting — The Inten­sive Course

  • Ergonomic body and hand posture
  • Tips for Con­ti­nen­tal purling
  • How to make the switch from “Amer­i­can Style”
  • Knit­ting with­out look­ing (can you say, “movie theater?”)

BONUS #2: Fun and Help­ful Video Top-Ten lists

  • Top Ten Mis­take Knit­ters Make that Slow Them Down
  • Top Ten Rea­sons Why It’s Great to Mess Up
  • Top Ten Knit­ting Mis­takes and How to Fix Them
  • Top Ten Books to Improve your Knit­ting Knowledge

Add Knitting Superstar! to Cart Button

I don’t want the price to be an issue pre­vent­ing you from obtain­ing this valu­able
sys­tem and being able to learn every­thing I have to share.

Sim­ply pur­chase the train­ing sys­tem for only $77 and if you don’t feel
like a super­star after 90 days, sim­ply email me and I will give you a Full
Refund No Ques­tions Asked…

Become a Knitting Superstar Complete Video Knitting Course E-Book Cover

Add Knitting Superstar! to Cart Button

You have 60 days to put this knit­ting course to the test

I’m going to let you take two months to try out this course! Your expe­ri­ence is guar­an­teed to be amaz­ing – if you don’t absolutely love all the new skills you’ve learned, and tell all your friends about how great it is to be a Knit­ting Super­star, you get your money back right away!

I’ll even per­son­ally help you get the resources you need. Just let me know – I am here for you.

I dare you to find a sweeter guar­an­tee than this.

You are about to embark on a jour­ney that will trans­form your life forever.

As you develop your con­fi­dence, you will find your­self start­ing more com­pli­cated and intri­cate projects that your peers could only dream about.

I’m not look­ing for a huge mass of fol­low­ers — I’m look­ing for a small hand­ful of knit­ters who want to become suc­cess­ful at knitting.

Those who are will­ing to put in the effort to make their dreams a real­ity — peo­ple who sim­ply need the right infor­ma­tion, moti­va­tion and coach­ing to help make it happen.

If you are one of those peo­ple, then join me as we embark on a won­der­ful jour­ney
that will take your knit­ting skills to new heights…

Grab this oppor­tu­nity now and start being a Knit­ting Super­star!


To your knit­ting success,

Liat Gat
Your Very Own Per­sonal Knit­ting Instructor

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